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40cl Rose Gold Diamond Cut Glass Soy Wax Candle.

Limited Edition 


This diamond patterned candle vessel is made from high-quality cut glass. 

The vessel boasts a detailed design on the body, housing an elegant and luxurious soy wax candle.

Once the candle is finished, the luxurious unbranded glass vessel can be reused!


Available in 3 fragrances:


Montego Bay

The invigorating tropical scent of orange peel, lemon, lime and apple enveloped in a heart of coconut, peach and strawberry resting on a sweet base of sugar, vanilla and a hint of musk.



A juicy fruity cocktail fragrance bursting with tropical fruit including pineapple, mango and guava combined with sweet red fruity cranberry and mixed berries cocooned with a coconut, peach, vanilla and caramel base.


Berry Noire
A lovely fruity floral fragrance opening with citruses, mixed berries, apple and pineapple leading into a soft floral heart of rose, jasmine and violet resting on a base of gentle wood, amber and musk.


    40cl Diamond Cut Glass Soy Wax Candle

    £29.99 Regular Price
    £9.99Sale Price
    • The vessel holds 350g of wax approximately. 


      With Lid
      Top W: 10.5 cm approximately.
      Height: 10.5cm approximately. 

      Without Lid
      Top W: 10.5 cm approximately.
      Height: 8.5 cm approximately. 

    • First Burn
      On first burn, melt your candle (melt pool) all the way to the edge of the vessel... Otherwise it will only ever melt to where it first burnt, leaving a crater down the centre.

      Keep wick to approximately 5mm.

      Place on a flat heat resistant surface, out of reach of children and animals and do not leave unattended when lit.

      Do not burn candle all the way down.

      Finally... Relax With Wax!

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