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About Us

At Fusion Food Fest, we're all about bringing together diverse cuisines and cultures to create a unique and unforgettable community dining experience.

Meet our team who are passionate about sharing their love for food with you.

Rose Young

Founder & CEO

When growing up in a Jamaican household or environment, who doesn't remember the daily wafting (almost sensuous) smells of spicy soups, stews and variety of Caribbean dishes.

From there for me a love-affair of food began!
That introduction into the power of food to instantly change your mood, make you feel better when you are not well and capture the sunshine from your Mother's homeland.

Food has become one of my great passions in life.

A well cooked fresh home made meal is the epitome of well being and to share your food is one of the best gifts you can offer to your family, friend, neighbour or a complete stranger. 'Breaking Bread' is more than just sitting down together to eat, it's about the connection to another or others and the deep joy of social interactions.

My background is in catering, I love to cook for my family and friends. Many of the dishes I enjoy are the good old fashioned stews, soups and one-pot meals that make the tummy rumble, your mouth salivate, eyes roll with food lust and that first bite wakes up your taste buds in eager anticipation of the next mouthful...

World cuisine has a signature all of it's own, the colours, textures and flavours, histories, it's unique appeal to bring the family table to life. To bring our dining experience to a level of delicious joy and happiness. We want to share our passion and joy of eating with you...

The impact of a good meal can never be underestimated!


Natasha Vigille (Tasha)

Co Founder

Founder of Black Wall Street London

Born and raised in East London UK, I grew up heavily influenced by the musical sounds of my mum ‘Carole Thompson,’ who passed down to me her love of music and food.


By my late teens I was a professional Croupier working in some of London’s most prestigious casinos...

My early career opened up the opportunity to travel!

After travelling extensively throughout India and living for 10 years in Tulum, Mexico where I founded my first business, an entertainment agency, I returned to London UK in 2015 and then moved to Devon in 2018 in search of a little more greenery...

Fast forward...

I am the founder and creative mind behind a luxury scented candle company, Cornucopia Emporium, recognised by NatWest Bank as a gifted female entrepreneur and a Great British Entrepreneur 2020 Finalist, representing the South West, nominated for the ‘Entrepreneurial Spirit Award’ for ‘Cornucopia Emporium’.

I am also  the founder of Black Wall Street London, an Afrocentric retail store and community events hub, located in Green Lanes shopping centre, Barnstaple.

I have a deep passion for people, music and food!

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