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Scalp massagers are great to use while washing hair and help to lift dead skin and flakes too!

Feels great on your scalp!

* Support healthy hair growth & development by stimulating blood-flow in the scalp with the sturdy silicone tips.

* Suitable for both wet & dry scalp massaging.

Try using it when you next shampoo your hair instead of using your fingertips to scrub, especially useful if you don't want to damage your nails!

Ensures your scalp gets an even scrub with the firm silicone tips.

* Or you can use it with oils on the scalp while your relaxing or watching TV.

* Waterproof tool means you can keep it in the bathroom so its always ready to use.

Plus you can attach a cord to it so that you can hang it up safely.

Box contains 1 scalp massager.


Scalp Massager

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