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An ordinary Black Catholic girl, growing up in Britain in the nineteen fifties and the sixties UK learns to navigate herself through the shocking prejudices of the time and at the same time maintains her sense of humour and self-worth.


She was eight when she first realised she was different, 'coloured' and disliked, simply for the colour of her skin, in the country she called home. During her early school days, she faced institutional covert and overt prejudice, both mental and physical abuse on a daily basis, and at the age of ten, sexual abuse by a teacher she trusted.


This account of a young black girl coming of age in a country she called home offers an insight into a time in our history, when society was ignorant of the value of diversity. Her determination to find her place in a largely hostile world is a very personal story that offers both poignant and laugh-out-loud moments.


This was a time in Britain when being Black was not considered nice, and Black people were politely referred to as coloured.


  • Author: Melody Appleton
    Format: Paperback
    Publication Date: 18/03/2018
    Pages: 194
    Dimensions: 230x155mm

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