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Looking to add a new and unique product to your wholesale collection? Look no further than our Car Diffusers 10 x 6ml set! These convenient and compact diffusers are perfect for freshening up any car interior, and come in a pack of 10 at a recommended retail price of £5.99each.


Each 6ml bottle is filled with a high quality fragrance oil that is sure to delight your customers, making them a great addition to any car-related product line. Whether your customers are looking to eliminate odours or simply enjoy a refreshing scent during their commute, these car diffusers are the perfect solution. With a low wholesale price and high potential for resale, these 10 x 6ml car diffusers are a must-have item for any wholesale business.



Salted Caramel

Black Berries

Green Tea & Fresh Ginger

Lychee & Peony

Wild Lemongrass

Black Amber & Lavender


Each 10 piece set comes in a random selection of fragrances

Car Diffusers 10 x 6ml (RRP £5.99)

  • The vessel holds 6ml of fragrance approximately. 

    Capacity: 6ml

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