The BWS Pin


Collaboration Pin

A collaboration between Black Wall Street London and Tulsans.


The BWS pins are an initiative to pay homage not only to what occurred in Tulsa’s Greenwood District but also to continue their legacy of wealth and community.


To wear the pin is to support our community; we want it to be a personal reflection – a time to think about our choices in life and whether we believe we are doing enough to support and better our community.


We would greatly appreciate the support and participation in this initiative to help us build a better future for our generations to come.


  • June 2021 marks the 100th anniversary of the horrific 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre.

    On this tragic day, more than 1,000 homes and Black businesses were destroyed in Tulsa, America. Estimated deaths range from 50 to 300, over 800 injured and thousands were held under armed guard.


    The state’s second-largest African American community and the area known as The Black Wall Street was burned to the ground. However, this is more than just an incident of senseless murder and destruction, it is one which showcases a united, resilient and thriving community. Tulsa experienced a great era of prosperity beginning from around 1901 when great oil pools were discovered.


    The black population of Tulsa was averaging over 20,000 people. Thousands of African Americans migrated from different states bringing businessmen of all kinds as well as educators, oil prospectors to manual labourers with the mindset to work towards economic betterment which then led to Tulsa being the No. 1 boom Venture of its time.


    The area blossomed with homes, schools, hospitals, churches, hospitality, retail and businesses and thus our “Black Wall Street” was born. Jobs were at a mass, salaries were generous and money circulated within Tulsa for one whole year before it needed to leave the community.