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It started with A Product of My Environment that was written by me in memory of my son.

As a young boy growing up, some of the things I did, I always thought it would be good if I wrote a book about it. But, at the same time I was quite a private person. So I really never intended on telling my story, until the day after I buried my son. The police caught up with me and took me to jail. It was at this point I decided in my Son’s loving memory, I would tell my story to encourage young people to read more, and enjoy reading sooner rather than later. As I saw for myself how much it had changed my life for the better.


SKU: 0993590004
  • Author: Chris Sibia
    Publisher: London's Finest Distribution
    Format: Paperback
    Publication Date: 19/04/2016
    Pages: 225
    Dimensions: 12.85 x 1.45 x 19.84 cm

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