A little bit about me...



After the untimely death of my son, then the police catching up with me and taking me to jail. I done some reflecting and decided that in my sons loving memory, I was going to turn my life around and hopefully inspire some of the next generation to not make some of the same mistakes that I had made.


This is what made me decide to tell my story, hoping I would encourage as many people as possible, to not only see the importance in reading, but also read more.


After writing my book, I decided to help other people tell their stories as well so I managed to convince some of my elders to get their books written and with my business partner Burnie Bright, London’s Finest Distribution was born.


My back ground is promotion, so I knew a lot of people from the road and this helped me find people and helped my name be the first for many referrals.

Current tittles are:

A Product of My Environment by myself

It’s On Top, The Reggie Stepper Story

The Lie That Made Me by Mark Tugwell

In The Beginning by Burnie Brightly


The next book that London’s Finest will be releasing is: My Untold Secrets by Shakira Trotman


I’m also currently working on some legends of our community like, Mr Floyd Jarrett, (The first Broad Water Farm Riots) Metro Down Beat, The Lord of The Sound System, Mistri the old school DJ and many more.


In my son’s memory


I have decided to take on this community work with gusto to do my part for the community and help be part of the foundation our children can build on. I work closely with many of London’s top organisation doing great work in the community...


To name a few:


Gangs Unite

Access UK


Father 2 Father

100 Black Men

I have also just launched The Sibs Programs.

Programs that are designed to assist in all aspects of human development.

To run in conjunction with another initiative of ours at London's Finest called, Making Bags With Books.


The Sibs Program

Stage 1-3 with bonus program based around The Making Bags With Books initiative that we created.


Stage 1 The Sensitive Issue & Behavioural Support Program

Stage 2 The Strengths Identifier & Business Support Program

Stage 3 The Structured & Innovative Book Support Program


Stage 4 The Success In Business Support Program (Making Bags With Books)


The Sibs Show

I also host a Radio Talk Show also called The Sibs Show

The Social Inclusion Black Support Show on UJR talking about many of our social issues.


My community work has really just begun, I work by the principles of the Honourable Marcus Garvey...

Nation Building and nothing else matters. I believe that if Marcus Garvey could do so much in his time, we all can do a little more.


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