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John Padbury

Join us and John Padbury, author of 'Battle For Hurungwe' for an exclusive
in-store book signing event.

The book signing session is on Saturday 29th April from 2pm - 3pm with light refreshments and open conversations after the session.

John Padbury is a Devon author who was a former Rhodesian Intelligence Officer involved in the Rhodesian Civil War. 
He wrote Battle For Hurungwe from his diaries, experiences, and extensive research.
He reveals revolutionary and counter-revolutionary strategies, tactics and intelligence operations carried out by both the insurgents and government forces.

The strategies used to mobilise the masses, train, arm and permanently deploy them in the Hurunugwe, in successful asymmetrical warfare, are discussed in detail. These strategies are relevant to modern asymmetrical warfare, particularly in Africa.

Special Branch operations are intrinsically embroiled with politics and he delves into aspects of the politics of the day. He reveals the failures of a white minority government bent on maintaining power.

Included in the book are original battle plans and sketches, strategic planning diagrams, operational intelligence illustrations and original field photographs.

Welcome to the world of politics, revolution, counter-revolution, mass mobilisation, war and bloodshed, and the subsequent tragic consequences.
You will gain an understanding of politics, war and bloodshed in the world today. 



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