BWSL Fashion Show

"The Community Experience"

Since its launch in April 2022, Black Wall Street London has set a new benchmark for community spirit…


Collaborating with global and local businesses with outstanding quality and creativity, Black Wall Street London has quickly established a solid core of customers who appreciate its unrivalled injection of diversity.

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Saturday 27th August

Fashion Show: 12pm - 1pm

The ‘Community Experience Fashion Show,’ held in the heart of Green Lanes Shopping Centre on Saturday 27th August 2022 will showcase local talents in the form of a community model runway exhibition, highlighting original and high-quality fashion and cultural trends, all available in store at Black Wall Street London.

Founder, Natasha Vigille, known to her friends as ‘Tasha’ is passionate about providing an interactive community space and has organised the fashion show as a community give back event for the ongoing support shown since their launch…

Streetwear Collection

Available In-store

Black Wall Street London presents a feel-good streetwear collection that lands in store as people are planning outdoor parties and get-away wardrobes.

For kids, there are free flowing garments infused with a tropical vibe communicated through colour as well as novelty prints, featuring exotic blooms. 

Collections take the form of  boutique London streetwear, boasting fresh urban styles that are fun and exciting to wear.

Africa makes its way into the collections with vibrant Ankara print fabrics, handmade accessories, popularised by woven basket bags, fans and authentic Afro inspired jewellery.

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