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The Full Story

What's On?

A Street Food concept is born...
Let us take you to a place where as you arrive, mouthwatering and sensory wafts of spice,
fresh herbs, savoury and sweet delights tempt your taste buds? A place where you can
relax with the whole family or hang out with your friends? Even if you are on your own,
this place is all about relaxing and a higher level of food enjoyment.


You will be treated to on-site activities such as live cookery demonstrations, a live DJ playing chilled music vibes in the background and sharing tables, meaning you can strike up a conversation with the person across the table from you... Not to mention attractions for the little ones!

This is Fusion Food Fest... The place to be where a great foodie setting comes alive.
and enjoy a global food experience from our finest Street vendors...
What are you waiting for? Come Hungry!

Beer Market
Beer Market

2 Days of feasting

Each summer, we take over Devon's Pannier markets for a next level food-fuelled extravaganza. We’re joined by hundreds of hungry locals, ready to devour the best food and drink in the region.

Traditional food

All of Devon’s best restaurants

We round up the best of Devon's restaurants and hunt down the region's future food heroes and chefs. Alongside our food fest, we provide a line-up of daily specials and live cookery demos to give you the chance to sample some of the  tastiest new concepts.

Curries at Camden Market London
Kid Having Fun

Things to do

From taste testers and live cookery demos to communal eating, live music and kiddies inflatables. We have it all... A food fest hosted in a live and vibrant setting in the heart of town... There's something for everyone!

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